Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How do I buy an individual Everest Package?

The Everest package is exclusively distributed in the U.S. and Canada through World Financial Group

2.       How can I get Everest through my employer?

Everest partners with a number of large life insurance companies, such as Hartford, Aetna, and Voya who include the Everest service in their Group Life insurance benefit programs.  Ask your employer if you already have Everest as an employee benefit.

3.       Is there an extra charge for Everest when I buy the life insurance package?

No.  Everest is included at no additional charge when you purchase one of the individual life insurance products.

4.       Are Everest Senior Advisors qualified to handle funeral issues?

All Everest Senior Advisors are licensed funeral directors who work full time for Everest and have years of experience in dealing with funeral issues.  They work for our clients and not for any funeral home.

5.       Where can I use Everest?

Everest can be used at any funeral home anywhere in the world.  There are no networks or preferred provider organizations.

6.       WHat everest is not

  • Everest is NOT a funeral home

  • Everest does NOT have a network of funeral homes it deals with

  • Everest does NOT sell funeral goods or services

  • Everest does NOT sell funeral pre-arrangements

  • Everest does NOT receive commissions or profits in anyway from a client's decision